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Beyond the Spotify Model: using Team Topologies for fast Flow and Organisation Evolution

For effective, modern, cloud-connected software systems we need to organize our teams in certain ways. Taking account of Conway’s Law, we look to match the team structures to the required software architecture, enabling or restricting communication and collaboration for the best outcomes.

This talk covers the basics of organization design using Team Topologies, exploring a selection of key team types, and how and when to use them in order to make the development and operation of your software systems as effective as possible. The talk is based on the forthcoming 2019 book Team Topologies and first-hand experience helping companies around the world with the design of their technology teams.

Key takeaways:

  1. Why using the “Spotify Model” of team design is not enough

  2. The four fundamental team topologies needed for modern software delivery

  3. The three team interaction modes that enable fast flow and rapid learning

  4. How to address Conway’s Law, cognitive load, and team evolution with Team Topologies



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