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Workshop: Applying Team Topologies in context

Workshop: Applying Team Topologies in context

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1-day workshop for up to 12 people

Based on the book by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow", this workshop guides attendees through applying the concepts in Team Topologies to your organization.

Using specific details from your organization, we map out a set of changes to the existing team structures, team interactions, and software architecture to encourage better flow, better team ownership, and reduced cognitive load. During the day we co-create a prioritized heatmap-based backlog of changes to enable focused improvements across the organization. This workshop makes concrete the ideas and concepts presented in the training sessions (offered separately).

  • Benefits: Turn the design of your organization into a strategic advantage through the Team Topologies approach of team-first interactions, homomorphic mirroring, and high-fidelity sensing & feedback loops.

  • Output: a co-created backlog of recommended changes based on team-first socio-technical principles, Conway’s Law, well-defined team APIs, and Cybernetic sensing & control.

Audience: This workshop is for CTO/CIO and other leaders, Head of Department, software architects, systems architects, managers, team leaders and engineers.

Preparation: Workshop attendees should bring a pen or pencil plus details of some software systems familiar to them. No laptops will be used or needed, but a large whiteboard (physical or digital) is strongly recommended.

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