Team Topologies
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Training: Deep Dive into organization dynamics with Team Topologies

Training: Deep Dive into organization dynamics with Team Topologies

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1-day training for up to 12 people

Based on the book by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow", this advanced training takes attendees through the more complicated aspects of organization dynamics in a software context.

  • Benefits: Turn the design of your organization into a strategic advantage through the Team Topologies approach of team-first interactions, homomorphic mirroring, and high-fidelity sensing & feedback loops.

  • Output: Structured, practical techniques for effective organization design based on team-first socio-technical principles, Conway’s Law, well-defined team APIs, and Cybernetic sensing & control

Audience: This workshop is for CTO/CIO and other leaders, Head of Department, software architects, systems architects, managers, team leaders and engineers.

Preparation: Workshop attendees should bring a pen or pencil plus details of some software systems familiar to them. No laptops will be used or needed.

NOTE: attendees must have completed the Fundamentals training (available separately) or read the Team Topologies book before attending this advanced training.

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